Retweeting your OwnTwitter Retweets


One of the most chosen actions that users could take with a tweet is none other than Twitter retweet. This action is found up there with liking one, responding to one or adding one to your “moment.” When you RT a post, this emerges in your Twitter feed and must come with a complete acknowledgment to the original creator of the content. It is essential to know that this is opposed to the previous form of RT wherein users needed to type RT manually.

Can you Twitter retweet your own post or content?

There are some Twitter users who do it while other users don’t do it. Likewise, there are some users who love it and of course some users don’t prefer it. You’ve got to understand that there is a remarkable amount of conversation surrounding this one feasible action.

Take in mind that being able to RT yourself was not often times probable. In addition, Twitter literally added this special feature almost 3 years ago. Since the special feature was added, innumerable numbers of users have RTed themselves, for various rationales. Do you think this is a wonderful thing? Is it unpleasant? The decision will be up to you as a user.

The Upsides of Self-RTs for Marketing

There are a number of evident reasons why marketers decide to RT their own post. This is a very effective technique to add a bit more exposure to some portion of content that you wish to share. This can be a joke to a post. Indeed, it could also be a GIF, a photo or maybe a video that you would eager to disseminate.

In order to broaden your exposure, you may consider linking to a product page, to a blog post, opt-in offers or landing page that you hope to share as much as probable while it is still germane. Keep in mind it does not matter what you are RTing; the goal here is universally the same.

There is another option to RTing yourself, though. As a Twitter user, you could utterly post the same tweet repeatedly. Perhaps it’s the same link with a distinct sentence or quote in introducing it, or probably it is exactly the same post that is merely copied and pasted.

Twitter users need not be anxious about the backlashes of posting identical tweet several times. If you are a small-scale brand having not so many audience, feasibly those audience will be more likely to feel annoyed and call you out on it. If you are a large-scale firm, you could get away with a lot more. There were instances on Twitter before when some brands got called out on it by some audience, but at the same time, they were able to augment their exposure each period they posted it.

The exciting part of being on Twitter is that for every user who is active enough to view that you posted the identical post several times per week, there are a lot of users out there who solely log on enough to have captured one of them. You could say a random picking of 500 followers is sufficient to offset the complaints of one overly emotional user. By all means, those numbers are totally made up; however the point jumps up.

Getting Rid of Twitter Retweets from your Account

Why RT Someone on Twitter?

As a Twitter user, you might be aware that retweet is a way to share other user’s post to your followers but of course it is necessary to acknowledge the original writer of the content that you decided to share on your Twitter profile. Aside from wishing to re-distribute a tweet that you like or you side with, why would you ever wish to RT somebody?

In truth, all actions in any social media platforms have one goal in mind and that is none other than to socialize.

Check out the following reasons why users decide to Twitter retweet:

  1. a) Establish bonds. Users love it when their posts get RTed. Since you retweet a post by someone else, there is a greater likelihood of building relationships when they reach out to you too. Nearly all users would return the favor and would also give you a retweet.

It is wonderful to extend messages to more people. It is interesting to note that there are quite a few Twitter users who have been given a retweet by a well-known personality and they generally end up acquiring more exposure in return. What is more, if you could get your information out to more Twitter users, you will commonly end up widening your network on this social media platform.

  1. b) Get noticed. Needless to say, it is surely troublesome to get noticed by simply keeping to yourself. Bear in mind that when you RT someone, this appears on their notifications tab, so this would urge them to respond, like your retweet, they may even consider checking your profile and who knows they may even decide to follow you right there.
  2. c) Captivate more other users and convince them to follow you. It takes one tweet to lure more followers at times. Other Twitter users who retweet you may reach users you have not linked with, and if you are fortunate enough, they might view your message and choose to follow you back.

When you RT something, what you do is fundamentally reposting the original content in order for all your audience to benefit from the message you’re sharing. Even though users begin a retweet with RT, it is also possible to RT content through simply clicking the link “Retweet”. Please be guided that the ‘RT’ method isn’t formally supported by Twitter.

In the event that you no longer wish to disseminate other user’s post, you can get rid of it from your account on Twitter.

How to get rid of Twitter retweets from your account?

Upon logging in to your account, just simply click the link “tweet” located underneath your name to see all the posts. RTs emerge in the same section. RTs contain green arrow located on the top right corner of their box.

It is necessary to first navigate the post you want to clear away and after that simply click “Retweeted” link underneath the post to erase it. The link “Retweeted” will then alter to link “Retweet”.

What References to Use to Unwrap More about Reseller Panel Web Hosting Service?


Starting a web hosting business is actually not as challenging as you imagine; however, this does not imply that you no longer need a professional reseller panel web hosting service package to guide you all the way.  Once you have already decided which web hosting service package best matches your business requirements, the procedure does not end there. There are other elements that you seriously need to factor in.

People who are still a newbie on online marketing will certainly find it quite baffling to get to know more about how to get started and succeed in this type of business. If you are still confused and still in the researching process of what all these are about, then it would help if you will mull over the following resources that can help you as you get started.

         Reseller Hosting Glossary

Admittedly, you’ve got to learn a lot of difficult terms when it comes to web hosting business. In truth, you will come across hard-to-understand terminologies in the process, so it is necessary to check out various glossaries that have something to do with reseller hosting. It is very important to have deeper grasp of reseller hosting terms to make your start up and web hosting business management a success.

In the event that you require further explanation regarding the defined terminologies, there are available technicians who could assist you.

         Reseller Hosting Articles

Through articles that are related to reseller hosting, you can delve into about the upsides and the basic facets of reseller hosting program. Here, you will unveil more about the distinction it has from the majority of platforms available on the web, comprising of the absence of technical skill requirements, inadequacy of deposits as well as the 24/7 customer support service for you and for your most valued customers. Indeed, you can now master some intricate overviews and step-by-step guides composed by highly-experienced technicians.

         Reseller Hosting Videos

There are a significant number of videos that cover diverse facets of reseller panel reseller programs. Here, you could have the opportunity to witness how you could instantly and effortlessly start your own web hosting venture from scratch.

Apart from this, you will also learn how to put tighter and personalize your hosting store, learn how to earn revenues without the need to make any advance deposits.

Another way to unwrap the secrets to a successful web hosting business is to navigate the FAQ section and different reseller hosting as well as web hoisting articles available on different websites of your choice. In so doing, you could explore more about the potential concerns and challenges of the web hosting market.

Remember, it is always wonderful to be well-informed prior taking the plunge when it comes to whatever business venture you aspire to partake in. This is particularly a very serious consideration to factor in especially in the field of online marketing when you’re still a newbie. You surely wouldn’t want to have issues to deal with later after all.

Guides When Securing a Recovery Plan for Your Reseller Panel Web Hosting Business

Sustaining a continuous online presence nowadays is never a plain sailing task to venture in. An infallible 100% uptime is something that not many firms could afford. That said, aside from choosing the most tried-and-true platforms for their sites, each small-scale enterprise requires investing greater amount of effort and time in terms of tailoring the suitable recovery plan so to get rid of irrelevant downtime and be able to instantly revive their service, if needed.

Look at the following list of measures you can factor in to ensure that you’re well-ready to respond to any inevitable performance issues that nearly nobody online is nonreactive to:

What to do when managing an outage?

In the event your site encounters an outage, stay calm and make certain that you have a practicable recovery plan. It is necessary to verify with your reseller panel or hosting provider to see if the issue is being addressed and request an ‘Estimated Time of Arrival” (ETA) on a settlement if it is. You can monitor for any updates about the status of the servers.

After that, see to it to alert your users or clients regarding the concern and when you anticipate the site to be back online, this could be done through your social media accounts.

Indeed, if the problem gets even more complex, then refurbishing your site carefully and immediately can be an equitably technical procedure. Here, if you have no technical know-how for such rundowns, ensure you have an accessible and trustworthy IT consultant who you can refer to in case of emergency to rehabilitate your site urgently.

Likewise, it is advisable if you regularly inspect your recovery plan’s elements, this must be executed at least once annually.  Check if your hosting provider’s communication networks are consistently updated in order for you not to overlook any substantial service update from them.

Examine if the offsite backups you create are appropriately operating so to inhibit any prospective data corruption. Lastly, make it a point that the IT consultant you depend on is within reach and if he clings to his response times. In case he cannot be reached, is there someone who can be in charge in his stead?

Your reseller panel web hosting provider shall execute its best to make certain that the service uptime is 100% assured as agreed. Be that as it may, this is solely an assurance on the server side and might not include the risk of virus infection or hacking scenarios. Needless to say, in the real world, dreadful incidents will emerge eventually – this is the reason why it matters the most to be well-prepared and come up with an immediate recovery plan for your site.

Meanwhile, when it comes to content backups, keep in mind that executing a consistent backup of your projects as well as sites is a fundamental requirement. By happy chance, a myriad of web hosting providers will provide you a dependable backup service on a regular basis that you can rely on anytime.