Workout Routines to kick start your workout program

Workout Routines

Workout routines to help you improve your fitness level. Grab a free workout routine and use it for a couple weeks.

When you get bored with your workout routines make sure you come back and get a new free workout routine. I'll be adding more workout routines as my time allows.

Choose Your Workout Routine Goal:

Beginner's Workouts

Body Weight Workout
Great for beginner's to help build a foundation of strength for advanced body weight conditioning or apply it to weight training.

Workout Program
A full body workout program to help get you off the couch and back into life.

6 Weeks Beginner' Workout Program
Perfect for those with limited weight training experience that need to ease into things more slowly but still demand results.

Gain Muscle Mass

Build Muscle Fast
Do you want to gain muscle mass as quickly as possible? And you aren't afraid of busting your butt to get what you want? The Build Muscle Fast Workout Blueprint will deliver the results you want in record time...

Muscle Building Workout
Back to basics. Heavy emphasis on barbell and dumbbell work. 3 day split routine.

Perfect Workout
Gain Muscle and Lose Fat as fast as possible. Step-by-step workout for men and women looking to get results fast.

Get Lean and Toned

Sleek and Toned
Get a lean, sleek and toned Hollywood body and get ready for your own "Red Carpet Moment" by following this fat torching, muscle sculpting high octane workout.

Workout Routine
A split workout routine for those looking to crank up the intensity. Not for beginners.

Killer Ab Workout
Scorch your abs and get that six pack look with this new ab workout routine...not for babies!

Cardio Interval Training
High intensity interval training that will leave you crying for your mommy.

Life Event

Lose Pregnancy Weight Fast
How to lose baby fat, get a flat stomach and get back into your skinny jeans.

Lose Weight Fast for Vacation
Get ready for the beach and look great in your swimsuit.

Lose Weight for Wedding
Getting married and need to lose weight fast? This will get the job done.

Sport Specific

Golf Workout
Get ready for golf this summer, and finally be able to crush your tee shot over 300 yards!