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The most complete workout program website available online today. Get Access to over 5,100 workouts, a membership forum to get your questions answered and exclusive FREE teleseminars...[FULL REVIEW]

Jillian gained notoriety as the hardcore trainer on the Biggest Loser. Her no-nonsense approach to workouts and diet make this program a rock solid investment that will give you results fast w/ step by step help along the way... [FULL REVIEW]

Tom Venuto's Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle delivers on every level. A crash course in fitness and diet that will make you more knowledgeable than 95% of Personal Trainers in just a few hours... [FULL REVIEW]

Christian Finn is the most respected workout and diet authority in the UK and his Facts About Fitness member's only website is a powerful resource of cutting edge, workout guidance... [FULL REVIEW]

A dirt simple approach to working out. Grab a pair of dumbbells and this guide, and you'll be on your way to a leaner, stronger body in a few short weeks...


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Highest Rated Workout Programs

#1 Workout Pass

Workout Pass (by Ryan Lee)

Workout Pass by Ryan Lee is our number (1) pick for online workout programs.

Winner of the best workout value with a massive array of over 5,100 workout routines from the top online trainers, a members only forum and exclusive workout seminars.

Workout Pass is the brainchild of Ryan Lee (on of the top personal trainers online and trainer to the trainers).

The basic concept behind Workout Pass is that you get total access to over 43 workout workout websites for a small one time investment (and a great investment at that).

The workouts cover a broad range of specialties including: Weight Loss for Men, Weight Loss for Women, Ab Workouts, 10 Minute Workouts, Body Weight Exercises, Agility Training, Sports Training, Kettlebell Workouts and on and on...

If you can't get whipped into shape using Workout Pass, you're not trying very hard. This is some of the best information we've seen online at any price.

Even if you're not sure Workout Pass is right for you, go sign-up for their free newsletter where you'll get access to 15 Free Workouts immediately. Hurry over if you want the free workouts as they wouldn't tell us how long they'll be giving them away...

Click here to visit Workout Pass



#2 Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels workout and diet program is our number (2) pick for online workout programs.

Winner of the best workout and diet program combination. If you need help beyond simply working out, Jillian's program is definitely your best available option.

So you need a really kick-ass workout program, don't have the slightest idea about your diet and need step-by-step hand holding along the way until you reach your goals?

If that describes you keep reading because the Jillian Michaels program is tailor-made for you. Jillian's workout program is more than just a custom crafted workout, it's a complete triple-threat approach to weight loss.

Her plan includes customized nutrition guidelines based on your body, kick-your-butt exercises that you can do at home or the gym, and motivation to keep you moving.

Here's just a taste of what you get:

• 120 printable exercises you can do from home
• Cardio workouts that you enjoy
• Complete Muscle Manual
• Fitness Diary
• Weight-Loss Buddies who share your goals
• Message Boards for daily motivation
• Interactive Weight Tracker
• Jillian’s 7 Steps to Behavioral Modification
• Meal Plans and Menus for your body type
• Customized info on your metabolic rate

Suffice it to say the Jillian Michael's program is a complete workout and weight loss site that's perfect for women and men that need a step-by-step action plan that produces dramatic results as quickly as possible.

The best part is you can get access to this program for FREE for an entire week to see for yourself...

Click here for Jillian Michael's FREE 7 Day TRIAL



#3 Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle (by Tom Venuto)

The Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle by Tom Venuto is our number (3) pick for online workout programs.

Winner of the lowest priced workout program (that actually works!)

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is a concise workout system that will take you from ground zero in your fitness and weight loss knowledge, to knowing more about workouts and dieting than 95% of personal trainers in a matter of few short hours.

The Burn the Fat program is a huge volume of information that spans an impressive 341 pages of hard hitting, cutting edge workout and fitness tactics that will leave your jaw on the floor.

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle isn't for everyone though. If you don't like to learn or think too much, go with one of the programs listed above and no one will think anything less of you but...

If you're ready to take the bull by the horns and get a master's degree in fitness without having to enroll in college, this is definitely the program for you.

Learn how to get in shape as fast as possible with Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle. It's low price and hard-hitting information are worth many times more than the price of admission...

Click here to visit Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle



#4 Facts About Fitness

Facts About Fitness (by Christian Finn)

The Facts About Fitness by Christian Finn is our number (4) pick for online workout programs.

Winner of best scientific workout research award for online workout and diet information.

Christian Finn's The Facts About Muscle is a one of a kind program. You won't find anything else like it online or anywhere else.

The interesting thing that Christian does with his website (that you can't do with an Ebook) is he constantly updates the information so you're always getting the freshest most up to date workout information online.

The formula used to present the information is also unique. Instead of just telling you what to do for your program, he has taken the time to provide "scientific research" from independent sources and backs up all his conclusions and recommendations with clinical trials and university studies.

Each article and program he writes about in the members only website is neatly wrapped up with what Christian calls "The Bottom Line" where he gives you his opinion and advice about incorporating the information into your own program.

The members only website also contains a killer muscle building workout called "The Maximum Muscle Plan" and a nuts to bolts fat loss program called "How to Fight Fat and Win".

The price of the year long membership is worth it for those two programs alone, but Christian didn't stop there, in fact he constantly updates the website with the latest workout research and supplement reviews that are jam-packed with real world usefulness and straight forward advice you use to improve your physique.

If you want a crash course in bodybuilding, muscle building, fat loss and supplements that's backed up with sound research and recommendations on how to apply the information you learn to your body, we strongly recommend that you go to The Facts About Fitness and check it out for yourself...

Click here to visit The Facts About Fitness


#5 Dumbbell Exercises

Dumbbell Exercises (by Mike Westerdal)

Dumbbell Exercises by Mike Westerdal is our number (5) pick for online workout programs.

Winner of the best home workout program for beginners.

If you're not ready to tackle a full blown workout and diet program just yet, that doesn't mean there isn't a program out there for you.

The best solution for beginner's and those on a very limited budget is to start their workout program with dumbbell training. This simple yet effective workout method will lay the foundation for more intense workouts when you're ready.

The best workout program we found for dumbbell training is Dumbbell Exercises. This rather simple little program has more than meets the eye at first glance. Here's what you'll learn in this workout program:

Exercises for Abs, Chest, Legs, Arms and Back
• Stability Ball Exercises with Dumbbells
• Online Video Demonstrations
• 8 Different Routines from Beginner to Advanced
• 89 Pages Containing Over 75 Unique Exercises
• Printable Training Logs

Dumbbell Exercises is a dirt simple approach to working out. Grab a pair of dumbbells and this guide, and you'll be on your way to a leaner, stronger body in a few short weeks...

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