The perfect workout routine to melt fat and add slabs of muscle

Perfect Workout Routine

I've spent the last twenty years of my life searching for the perfect workout routine. And quite honestly, I haven't had much luck. I've tried all the workout routines from the popular bodybuilding magazines...

I've searched the Most Popular Internet Websites...

I even tried coming up with my own perfect workout routine - and I haven't found the perfect workout routine yet.

But I will let tell you what I have discovered, there is a right way to get the body you've been dreaming of, and there is a wrong way.

The wrong way to get a great body is to follow the latest
trends, take all of the newest miracle supplements and read those
hyped up fitness magazines. That won't get you anywhere
but disappointed and frustrated.


The right way to get that lean muscular body you want, is to follow a proven workout system that delivers rapid results.

A workout routine that has packed on more rock hard muscle, and helped shed more ugly body fat than any workout I've ever seen (and believe me I've seen a lot of workout routines come and go in the last 15 years).

Let's be honest, if it were easy as they say to get rippling abs, huge bulging biceps, a chiseled chest and great legs - then everyone would be a fitness model!

Unfortunately that just isn't the case.

If you want to get a great body, you've got to follow a proven formula.

Finding that proven formula can be a down right impossible task. I mean, who really knows the secrets to building a great body and is willing to share it with the rest of us?

I'm happy to report that after years of searching (and banging my head against the wall), I've discovered the solution...

The source of this powerful muscle building and fat melting workout routine came from the most unlikely place called No Nonsense Muscle Building. A fledgling website created by a guy who used to be a skinny 149 pound runner and now sports a rock solid 210 pound physique with only 10% body fat. You can checkout his before and after pictures right here...

After seeing his shocking (and documented) transformation, I could hardly believe my eyes. This guy looked phenomenal. What was his secret?

He packed on 32 pounds of solid muscle, and totally changed his whole life in only 12 short weeks.

I can only imagine how he must have felt when he transformed himself from a pencil neck runner nicknamed "Skinny Vinny", into a Fitness Model almost overnight...

After reading his story, I had to find out how he accomplished this seemingly impossible task - so I bought his program to find out if it was just a bunch of bull or if his program was all it was cracked up to be.

Let me tell you something, Vince knows what he is talking about!

After following Vince's precise workout routine and diet plan, I gained 18 pounds of muscle, and dropped 11.5 pounds of body fat in only 12 short weeks!

I have to admit, I was completely shocked by the results of my little online workout experiment!

Most people would sell their soul to get these kinds of results in one year - let alone only 12 weeks!

The thing that's really great about Vince's program is that he takes out all of the guesswork out of it for you.

He spells everything out in a step-by-step no nonsense format. You'll get a complete custom diet plan, personalized workout routine and individual, hands-on email consultation to make sure you reach your goals.

Here are just some of the secrets you'll discover in the No Nonsense Muscle Building Program:

  • The most highly guarded muscle building ingredient of all time - It has nothing to do sets, reps, and the way you train. (You might not want to share this with anybody it is so damn powerful).
  • The 9 fundamental laws of human muscle growth - Anchor yourself to these principles and you will never waste another workout in your life.
  • The truth about training to failure - Is it really necessary to go to failure, or are you actually digging your own grave? (I can't wait to tell you this!!!)
  • EXACTLY how much and how little to train - Train too long and your Testosterone levels will drop like a rock. How long is too long? I'll show you.
  • The hidden truth about High Intensity - I'm handing you the simple formula to measure your workout intensity. With just this alone, others will think you're a professional trainer!
  • The key to unlocking “Untrained” and “untouched” muscle fibers - Unless you have your own MRI machine this is nearly impossible if you don't know my secret. Use this one tip in your next workout and I guarantee muscle growth 4 days from now.
  • The little-known secret to eliminating training plateaus completely - You can now easily side step the #1 reason for a roadblock.
  • A sneaky “trick” to get more recruitment from your muscles - This is guaranteed to wake up more muscle fibers than ever before. Don't get scared if you feel like your skin is going to rip!
  • 5 easy tips to skyrocket your Testosterone levels - Don't screw up here because you have the chance to take your muscularity to a new level, crank up your sex drive, improve your recovery and look like a REAL man!
  • Learn the BEST training split ever for skinny hardgainers - The PERFECT workout split to get you the most training BUT still optimize recovery. You get the best of both worlds!
  • Discover the explosive technique "Heavy Weights For High Reps" - Learn this key ingredient and start waking up to new layers of muscle everywhere!

Like I even have to say it, but that's tons of insider material. The kind of material that can help you add new muscle to your chest, arms and legs and lose that ugly body fat from your belly.

Do yourself a favor and invest in Vince's program now. You'll end up saving yourself hundreds of dollars in the long run, and you'll have a great body that all your friends with be envious of.

If you're serious about getting bigger more powerful muscles, and slashing your body fat into the single digits, you need get Vince's program today.

There is nothing else that even compares to it. Take it from me. I've tried about every program out there (yes including P90X) and this one blows them all out of the water.

Do me a favor before you get your hands on the perfect workout, take a picture of yourself, because you may not recognize yourself in 12 weeks!

Make an investment in yourself, you deserve to have a great body.

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P.S. I get tons of emails wondering if this program is the real deal. The answer is yes. I bought a copy of his program myself and gave it the full test drive. If you can't get a great body by following the're just not trying.

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