Killer Ab Workout - Your friends will be jealous of your killer abs

Killer Ab Workout

Want to know the secret to getting killer abs like you see all the celebrities, models and beautiful people at the beach have?

To get a set of killer abs, you first need to understand how often and how intensely you need to work your abs for best results.

Here is a complete killer ab workout tip sheet to help you understand what it takes to get killer abs like you want so badly.

After you read the guide, try this killer ab workout - get ready to have your stomach muscles begging for mercy!

Weighted Crunches
3 sets x 25, 25, 25 reps

Knee Ups
3 sets x 25, 25, 25 reps

High Cable Crunches
3 sets x 25, 25, 25 reps

Swiss Ball Twisting Crunches
3 sets x 25, 25, 25 reps

Hanging Leg Raises
3 sets x 25, 25, 25 reps

WARNING! Try this killer ab workout at your own risk, if you've never done a serious ab workout it's best to start off with one or two of these ab exercises for 2-3 sets.

Perform the killer ab workout a maximum of 3x per week for best results. Do not attempt to lift weights or do any other form of working out after completing this abs workout or it may result in injury.

NOTE: I've put together a free PDF report about how to get that shrink wrap look for your know the look I'm talking about...when it looks like your skin is vaccum sealed to your muscles and you can see every ripple.

This is accomplished using a specific rep strategy. This is a 9 page report, but you want to pay special attention to page 8.

You can get the report below, no opt-in or email required...

Shrink Wrap Abs Report.pdf
(right click and "save link as" to your desktop)