Duraball Exercise Ball Review

Duraball Exercise Ball

Duraball Exercise Ball

Duraball Exercise Ball

Manufacturer: Fitness Anywhere

Size: 30" diameter

# of Exercises: Unlimited

Warranty: Lifetime (all)

Special Features: Affordable, versatile, portable, uses body weight, great for beginner to expert trainers

A high quality exercise ball like the Duraball pictured above is the most effective tool you can use to get rock hard, chiseled abs.

Why do you think you NEVER see any of those crappy TV Gizmos like the Ab Lounge at the health club? It's because they don't work...

A club quality exercise ball meets the key criteria for getting the most effective ab workout:

  • targets the ab muscles effectively(most important)
  • is comfortable and (or) adjustable to fit your body
  • provides a full range of motion for maximum muscle stimulation
  • does not make any false promises, or bogus claims
  • is cost effective for all users

We've established that the best ab machine is an exercise ball, but that only solves half of the question, because not all exercise balls are created equal.

The exercise balls you find at Sporting Goods stores and mass market retailers are poor quality at best. They're not made for prolonged use or larger users, and you can forget about using one for strength training with dumbbells unless you want to wreck it.

The exercise ball I recommend has a weight limit of 1000 pounds and a warranty of 3 years (compare that to a regular exercise ball with a weight limit of 200 pounds and a 30 day warranty) and is still going strong after 3 years in our gym after being abused by users from 5'-4" to 6'-4" tall and between 120 and 350 pounds.

To make things easy for you, I found the cheapest price for this club quality exercise ball from the most reliable source online - they'll ship one right to your front door in a few days with no hassles.

***Exercise Ball Size Guide:

  • 45 cm exercise ball - Users under 5'-0" tall
  • 55 cm exercise ball - Users under 5'-8" tall
  • 65 cm exercise ball - Users under 6'-2" tall
  • 75 cm exercise ball - Users over 6'-3" tall

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