Bodylastics Exercise Bands Review

Bodylastics Resistance Bands


Bodylastics Consumer Fact Sheet

Manufacturer: Bodylastics International Inc.

Gym Size: under 1 square foot

# of Exercises: Unlimited

Warranty: Lifetime (all)

Special Features: Quick change bands, DVD workout, handles, travels well

Company Information:
Bodylastics International Inc.
Holland Drive Industrial Park
1020 Holland Drive
Space 103
Boca Raton, FL 33487


How is Bodylastics Different from Other Exercise Bands?

For starters, what Bodylastics has done with their resistance bands is to package them with a 'smart' color coding system (each colored resistance band has a unique tension level), add swivel clips to the end of each exercise band to facilitate quick changes in resistance, and they've also included a number of attachments including ankle cuffs, padded handles and a door anchor that makes the Bodylastics a complete home gym system that will almost fit in your wallet...

My Bodylastics Gym Workout Experience

Even though I'm very versed in the exercise equipment world, when I first saw the Bodylastics website I'll admit, I was skeptical to say the least.

I'd always been a big supporter, and proponent, of using free weights and machines when I trainer because I feel they deliver superior results, not to mention I had tried the old style resistance bands and thought they were garbage.

With that said, I did end up ordering the Max Tension gym from and figured I could try them out for a couple weeks and let my wife use them with her personal training clients - if I didn't like them I would just send them back and get a refund (they have a 6 week money back guarantee).

Let me tell you this, when I tried the Bodylastics gym, I was immediately impressed by the smooth resistance and hefty design of the tubing.

As I continued through my workout it became clear that Bodylastics put a lot of thought into the design and functionality of the gym and the attachments (handles, ankle straps and door anchor) all of which make the gym a breeze to use, even for a beginner with no experience.

I highly recommend the Bodylastics system, it's the best value in strength training under $100 (way under $100) and provides a solid workout that will challenge beginners and experts alike, without the need to invest in bulky, expensive home gyms and dumbbells.

The Bodylastics resistance exercise bands come in three flavors:

  • Bodylastics Basic Tension with 88 pounds of resistance that's a good choice for beginners
  • Bodylastics Max Tension with 134 pounds of resistance that's good for stronger trainers
  • Bodylastics TO Super Strongman Edition that provides a whopping 254 pounds of resistance that's good for very strong men and women and couples that want to use the gym together.

Bodylastics Gym Size and What You Get

The Bodylastics gym is super compact, but can be hard to imagine from a generic picture.

To help emphasize how small and portable the Bodylastics system is, I've taken a couple pictures of my Bodylastics gym, spread out on my Smith machine to show you the contrast in size...

Bodylastics Gym Box

You can see the entire gym fits in a small shipping box (see picture above). When it arrived, I had to physically look in the box before I believed the entire gym was in there, it's very compact and easy to store in the included Velcro bag...

Here's a shot of the gym spread out over my bench so you can get another first hand look at its' size, the DVD is in the foreground, the colored resistance bands are in the plastic bag and the attachments are behind that...

The Max Tension gym I ordered came with (2) handles and (2) ankle straps that connect to the any, or all, of the (5) colored bands with a quick change clip pictured below...

Where to Get Your Own Bodylastics Gym

I got the Bodylastics Max Tension with the DVD as I felt it was a better value than the Basic Gym and more versatile with the extra resistance bands that are included - and it was only 10 bucks more so it was a no-brainer.

You can get the Bodylastics Resistance Band Gym like I have (actually I now have 2 Bodylastics gyms because I bought the TO Super Strongman edition with those cool gold clips and orange tubing) direct from the manufacturer at their website

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